caught a glimpse

caught a glimpse

Since this photo was taken the same day as these were created https://oscraps.com/community/media/the-art-of-us.373689/, I thought it might make a nice adjoining page. I haven't give much thought to how to order these pages which may not have been a good idea since, of course, there needs to be a left and a right page.

ArtPlay MiniPalette Shivoo (solid)
ArtPlay Palette Embrace Life (frame)
ArtPlay Palette Chance (fabric piece)
MultiMedia Flowers No.11 (leaves cut and paste version)
ArtPlay Palette Hygge (twig)
ArtPlay Palette Magic Rabbit (word strip)

MLDesign Solstice (flower) retired from the OScraps store.

I clipped the photo to the frame mask. Added a second copy of the photo set to Screen at reduced opacity and fill to make the photo brighter (it was very dark). Built the cluster, then just to the flowers and leaves added a color adjustment to match the flowers in the background of the photo. Added fabric piece and masked it to look like it's hanging from the twig. Added the word strip and text (which I have to create in Word, save as a .pdf, and then move to PS because I still can't get the program to work insert huff), modified the shadows a little and called it done.

Thanks for looking :)
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Love the way your sister is looking at you, like you are in charge, so what next? Period photos are so great to look at, wish I had more. That stinks about needing to use Word :-(
Another great cluster, love the hanging part.
You really inspire me with your pages, i wish i had enough time to do this with my childhood pictures.
I like your choice of the blue background, and how it's amped up by the blue flowers. It's not an obvious choice, at least to me, but it's the perfect one.
Outstanding cluster work, perfectly shadowed. I like that small tag and the treasured family photo.
This is going to be one awesome book, no matter the order of pages. Wonderful job again on everything, especially like the hanging fabric, and the cluster of course.

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