Cape Escape spread 3

Cape Escape spread 3

This is a lift of ksacry's spread, which you can enjoy here https://oscraps.com/community/media...rismatic-collection-ksacry-stonehenge.368896/. I used the same templates and strategy as she did, just different backgrounds and embellishments. I had been ignoring the gutter transitions on my spreads for the purposes of speed for this album, but realized that wasn't working for me, so I am back to paying attention to the centerline.
I love the sea theme! I'm honored by your "lift", it is beautiful. I to love the shells multimedia. I really struggle to ignore the centerline transitions too, but I have been doing "lay-flat" books for a number of years and thought that was just me. I'm glad I'm not alone :D
Great pages Laura with very beautiful photos, children with water and sand is a great joy, but also mom and dad have very much fun.
Great photos and pages. Looks like this approach might streamline things. :cool:
Love the flow of blue and orange and happiness! How fun this trip must have been for everyone! Lifting is a great part of this community ;-)
Look at all the fun the kids (little and big) are having! Love how the two pages flow together. Beautiful memory captured.
That big photo on the right is priceless. Love the pigtails and the obvious joy.
Amazing page! Love seeing real life documented. I mostly do double pages, and although I print them lay-flat, and could run a photo across both pages, I rarely do that - the fold is still there and I would hate for it to fall on someone's face. I could place a text in the center though...

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