Cape Escape Spread 2

Cape Escape Spread 2

Because I have lots of good photos for this album, my strategy is to alternate various Scenic Template Album pages for the glamour shots with FotoInspired templates for the details. There's a new Scenic Template Album in the store right now https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Scenic-Layered-Template-Album-No-7.html but for this design I went back and selected a template from the very first Scenic template set. Since all the templates work really well together there's maximum flexibility, which really speeds along the project. In this layout, I struggled with some dark areas in the photos (the gift tags), so accented them with a silvery Fotoglow that I happened to have open from working with another layout. I'm simplifying things by including only one piece of word art on each spread (using the same fonts--a Auto Signature Regular and a serif, usually Caslon)--and supplementing with word labels on the opposite page.
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I like the contrast of the open space and the details - works really well to tell the story, setting the scene. Nice strategy with the word art!
I like how you have the spread and not worrying about the transition in the center of the page.
I like how you have the spread and not worrying about the transition in the center of the page.
Ha! You caught that! Usually I DO worry, but since I am trying to get this finished for family Christmas gifts, I have sworn not to obsess. It's KILLING me, LOL, but the deal with the devil is that I'll come back if time allows and even things out. But I can't always stick to that. The spread I just finished--the lift of your spread--has the transition because I couldn't help myself!
Loving taking this journey with you and appreciate your thought processes.
They are growing quickly! Love the large background photo. Looks like the kids were kept busy with all kinds of activities!
I didn't notice the transition until I read what you wrote! I saw the wonderful open space on the left and then wanted to read about the details on the right. Terrific pages.

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