Book Lover

Book Lover

I used every part of the bundle to create this page.
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Created with Lost in a Book Bundle by et designs.

Photo is my own.

To create the painted look behind the masked Kindle using three papers and two paint layers. I began by placing a paper that included a dark green area. I then used a Layer Mask to hide the paper. I then used a brush to uncover the portions of the paper I wanted to use. I then did the same with a paper that had yellow near the center. I then duplicated the paper with the dark green area and rotated it so the dark green area was at the bottom of the masked Kindle and once again used the Hide Mask and a brush to add the amount of green I wanted to use. After that I added two yellow paint splats. and placed them below and to the left of the masked photo. I then used the underlying layer slider to limit the amount of yellow showing.
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  1. et designs
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