Black Eyed Susan's

Black Eyed Susan's

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AnnaRelease 9 August 2019 (on sale for a limited time)
Artplay Palette Ochre (paper, transfers)
Artsy Transfers Ochre
MultiMedia Flowers 6
Onward WordART Mix 1

Artplay Palette Embers (lace, transfer)
12x12 Page FotoBlendz 10
MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez 1

A solid paper from APP Ochre was used as the foundation of the page. The background photo was clipped to a 12x12 page fotoblendz, duplicated with the blending mode changed to hard light (reduced opacity). The flower was extracted, duplicated, resized and custom shadows added. Lace, word transfers and transfers were clipped to the extracted flowers. A variety of blending modes were applied to get different effects. Artsy Transfers Ochre_3 was added. Some of the layers were moved around or turned off. MultiMedia elements were added, along with word art to complete the page.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Beautiful flowers in a great color, also a beautiful composition, gorgeous!!
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Beautifully bright layout! I agree the word transfers clipped to your extracted flowers are a great idea and lend so much interest to the overall layout.
Wonderful and fun. I love the definition sunflowers and how they have deeper color than the photo. Also the square doily peeking out from under and acting as a partial framing.
Love the bright colors and the word transfers clipped to photos! Brilliant page design.
Love what you did with the extracted susans! I really should include some in my garden. Fun caption placement!
Some of my favorite flowers! Love the print overlay on some of them. Congrats on your Standing O!
I keep coming back to stare at...um study, this one. Congrats on the Standing O!

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