Best Love

Best Love

Inspiration – Had 4 teeth removed from my poor cat and I have worried about her. This is a picture when she finally decided to forgive me. That’s Uplifting.
Start-File>New 12X12 300
Paper – Placed Pattern Paper on over the background layer
Transfers- Put Artsy Layered Transfers 4 and 5 on opposite sides. I used Ctrl U to change the purple layer in 4 to blue and turned off one of the layers on 5. Then I placed Transfer 2 on the top edge and erased parts that shown through the photos when I added them.
Mask – Placed Urban Threads FotoblendzFrame 2.1 over the Artsy Layered Transfer 4
Photo – Clipped my photo the mask layer
Brush – Placed Brush 2 on the page, I replaced the Urban Threadz from the Mask Knotted Urban threadz1.1
Cluster elements – Started with the charm and added the ribbon from Multimedia Balloon 4.3, then added smiley face which I duplicated, the heart, and word strip Together We Rise
Words – Used Words Best and Love as title. Then typed a paragraph for my journaling.
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Reactions: zlemon
Wonderful selfie with cat. My favorite photo ever of you, and life is better when your cat loves you. ;)
Great photo of you and Two. Glad her ordeal is over and the two of you are back to time on the couch.

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