Autumn again-AnnaColor Challenge

Autumn again-AnnaColor Challenge

Ambages FotoBlendz No. 1 Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps

Artsy Layered Template No. 255 Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps

ArtPlay Palette Feuillemort Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps

UrbanThreadz No. 17 Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps

Inspiration – The New color challenge inspired me to look through my archives to find a photo that might work with this color combo.

Start- Created a new document (FILE-NEW-12X12X300)

Frames – Took the frames from Artsy Layered Template 255 and moved them onto this page

Mask – Used Ambage FotoBlendz 1.1 for my focal photos

Photos – I used my focal photo by attaching it to the mask of the FotoBlendz using Layer>Create Clipping mask. I attached two more photos (one of which was black and white) to the mask layers of the frames using the same method.

Paper – I placed solid paper 4 from APP Feuillemorte above the background layer and then placed Artsy Paper 2 above that and set the Blend Mode to Linear Burn

Elements – I placed the leaves and ribbons from App Feuillemorte. I used the Object selection tool to copy one leaf onto a layer of its own and then moved that layer over the corner of one of the frames.

Brushes – I used App Feuillemorte Brush 1 so that the tail of the Artstroke lined up with the bottom of the ribbon. I placed Brush 3 in a blank area in blue color but I manipulated it a little to be more circular. I placed Brush 3 so the long part lined up with the diagonals on my page. I used UrbanThreadz 17.2 over the framed photos so again the diagonal matched the other two diagonals.

Words – I placed Metamorphis word transfer over the blue circular stamp and inverted the colors with a Blend Mode of Linear Dodge. Then I used the word strip Autumn and the wood word Again for my Title.

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