Artsale Rougir Collection Last Poetry Pole

Artsale Rougir Collection Last Poetry Pole

June 4 was a big day for me on my walk. It was 2 weeks post 2nd vaccination and it felt so good to walk without a mask and without dodging people. I wrote a song about it (sung to Peaches & Herb's Reunited :) And collected all sorts of good things on a page.
Credits list
ArtPlay Rougir Collection, including Assemblage Overlays 1 and MultiMedia Roses
ScribbleSun No 2
Artsy Paint 17
Jubilate FotoBlendz No 1
ArtPlay Palette Jubilate
Outdoors WordArt Mix No 2
Celebrate WordArt Mix No 3
Framed Masks 9
With pages like this it's a little difficult to describe the process, but the starting point was the photo of the "rock garden" (so very Portland), the photo of a bouquet I picked in my garden, a poem found on a Poetry Pole, and my song about being 2 weeks post-vaccination. Then I keep adding stuff until the page is full and I like the balance of things.
Rougir collection recolored with Hue/Saturation Adjustment layers.
Sticker Effect used on titles (as per Clusters Class part 3).
There are at least 3 Visual Triangles (can you find them ?).
I like tucking a photo of Oz into these pages as he is also a big part of the day. He's currently having a love/hate relationship with his crib. Note the red teddy bear bumpers - I made these for my daughter's crib (which is Oz's crib, repainted) over 30 years ago.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Hooray for your freedom from that underlying stress we all felt. Gorgeous flowers and page to celebrate.

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