Artsale ArtPlay Riant Collection September "On Air"

Artsale ArtPlay Riant Collection September "On Air"

My SIL has installed an "on air" light, google controllable, so when we say "Hey Google, it's nap time", it turns on the red light and starts white noise in Ozzy's room. The light is a signal to shush, since baby is sleeping :)
The large photo on the right is our reflection in a bus stop ad for Thomas' English Muffins, I like the way it placed us in the countryside (only glad it's faint since my fashion sense is out the window since taking care of Oz ;-) )
Credits list
ArtPlay Riant Collection **ON SALE**
Month Review Template Album 5
ArtPlay Ablaze (available in Autumn Value Pack)
ArtPlay Riant Artsy Papers and Transfers form the background.
A large photo of the light (sitting on an open shelf with some vases of dried leaves) is blended on the left in Overlay mode, then just the light is framed in a Mont Review frame.
Photo on the left blended with Month Review FotoBlendz, frames also from Month Review.
There's that MM sun I created for annother page, I love it so keep using it (ArtPlay Riant flower, Woodshop Alpha "O", Skribble Sun and Urban Stitchez Sun, plus some splatter brushes).
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Love how the warm colors capture the ending of summer fading into autumn. Wish we had goggle (Alexa) way back when .... Wonderful photos!
What a cool light! He is such a cutie and you seem to be enjoying every minute with him!! Great layout - love the sun up in the right hand corner of the page.
Who cares about fashion when you have Oz :)
Nice work with the reds across the pages.

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