Artsale ArtPlay Amaranthine Collection OzCare

Artsale ArtPlay Amaranthine Collection OzCare

Taking care of Ozzy through his ups and downs as a 3-month old, Cher always by our side :) That beautiful dogwood tree is in his backyard - he likes going outside, and it calms him when he's screaming ;-)
Credits list
ArtPlay Amaranthine Collection, includes ArtPlay, Urban Stitchez 12, Amaranthine Word Art, and Amaranthine Transfers, all used on these pages
MultiMedia Flowers 10
Project Template Album 6
Fotoblendz Overlays 15
Artsy Stains No 12
ArtPlay Palette Ukiyo
Play Word Art Mix
Custom Cluster made from APP Jardinier, Moira, Love Letters WoodShop Hearts, Mini Palette Deciduous
I seldom make two different colored background pages, but I always like it when I do. Amaranthine Solids 5 and 2 in the b/g, with the same Amaranthine Transfer 2 repeated 4 times across the background.
On the left I used Project Template Album for the photos of Oz and I playing, clipping Amaranthine Solid Paper 4 to the 'b' frames.
Photo of Cher clipped to mask of Amaranthine Frame.
"Play" wood word is warped a bit, has Amaranthine Transfers clipped to it, and Stroke and Drop Shadow added.
Custom Cluster on the left starts with MM Flowers 10, with the flowers recolored, then elements from Amaranthine, Ukiyo and Woodshop Hearts added.
Photo of Oz and I on the right is blended with FotoBLendz Overlays, with Transfers/Brushes from Amaranthine added.
The Custom Cluster on the right is one I made a few weeks ago and liked, including the extracted dogwood blossom, so I've reused it with a few changes.
LOVE word on right is from Amaranthine Word Art, two copies, each set to Overlay Blending Mode.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
I love the little framed photo of Cher! Sweet photos of Oz. The pink and blue look really nice side-by-side.

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