AnnaLift-8-28 Monumemtal-Reckoning

AnnaLift-8-28 Monumemtal-Reckoning

I thought this fit the AnnaLift theme of repetition very well. This sculpture in Golden Gate Park by artist Dana King (who I had the privilege to meet this day) represents the first 250 black women taken from their country to be brought into slavery. Only 21 of them survived the journey. The art installation was made in response to the toppling of the Frances Scott Key Memorial (photo on upper left of right page) which happened on Juneteenth of 2019. Key, the author of our National Anthem, was a slave owner. Every Thursday King visits the site with some volunteers to make sure the sculptures are cleaned and fresh flowers placed. I was honored to be able to talk to her about the challenges of teaching our grandchildren all sides of stories of history and to place some of the flowers myself. While enjoying this discussion and the art, our car was being robbed.
Credits list
ArtPlay Ambages Collection
FotoInspired Template Pack 2T
ArtPlay Palette Bravura
The large photo was turned into a sketch using the iPhone app MySketch. It was placed on Solid Papers from ArtPLay Ambages in Dissolve Mode, then Masked and Erased with brushes (Ikigai Brush set).
Used some frames and masks from page 7 of FI Template 2T, most of the photos in Lumosity mode.
A dark paper from ArtPlay Bravura was placed in one of the background frames.
MultiMedia Documents 8 from Ambages collection placed under some of the journaling.
Title font is a Auto Signature, the same font used in the Ambages Word Art.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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I'm glad you saved such a sweet memory of that day. I'm sad about the lack of love in so many places, and especially on this Sunday in churches that preach hatred of science and of everything that hinders their agenda. But we'll never do anything about guns and drugs or fires or the drying up of the Colorado River.
Love how the black and white images portray the sorrow of this piece of history in our country.

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