AnnaLIFT 01.21.2022_Beach Girl

AnnaLIFT 01.21.2022_Beach Girl

I captured this foggy landscape with this brightly clothed girl playing in the sand and built my layout around her.

Construction: I placed a ArtPlay Palette SeaLife Artsy Paper 3 for the background (SeaLife ArtPlay Palette is not available on this site).
I attached my picture to the Brumal FotoBlendz1_4 and revised the placement of some of the fotoblendz transfers.
I added transfers Artsy Transfers Brumal 1, revising the placement of some of the transfers. I added ArtPlay Palette SeaLife Transfer 9 to the right side.
In building the cluster: I used the BlueButton from Brumal palette, ArtPlay Palette SeaLife paper strip “Place” (recolored), MultiMedia Documents No.7 - 2 (heart & flower only, with hue changes) and MultiMedia Documents No.7 - 1 String.
Under the cluster: I added FotoGlows2_2, ArtPlay Palette Brumal Confetti (recolored) and I used multiply blending on the Aubade WordART Mix no.1 Word Transfer Wave.
To finish: I added the SeaSprinkles No.2 - 3, turning off layers I didn’t want.
The word art is Aubade WordART Mix No.1 SootheSoul with color changes and a drop shadow on the word Soothe.
Love the use of the lined paper where the design is horizontal. Nice use of the shells across the page :)

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