Anna Lift 9-30-22 -Up Up and Away.jpg

Anna Lift 9-30-22 -Up Up and Away.jpg

Inspiration – The current Lift Challenge
Start – File>new 12x12 300
Frames – Moved the three frames from Fotoinspired Template Pack 2 U onto the page
Mask – Placed WaterColorFotoBlendz8,4 mask on the page.
Photos – I attached photos to the masks of the frames and the mask of the Fotoblendz using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. One of the photos in the frames I made a copy of and used the Object Selection Tool to extract the child and placed the copy over the frames for an “out of frame” look.
Paper – Solid paper2 was placed above the background layer.
Transfers – Put Transfer 4 I rotated and placed under the three frame-group.
Elements I used three of the Multimedia balloons turning off some of the layers and rotating others for a collection of balloons including the mask photo of my great grandnephew. I added the smiley face over the daisy.
Words – I used the word art Up Up and Away for a title
Brushes – w,3 and 4 where placed under the title in white black and blue. Brush 7 was placed on the right hand edge in Red to complete a visual triangle.
Fun, Joan! Love the out of bound photo of your grandnephew sitting on the edge of the frame!
Wonderful addition of the "out of bounds" extraction, making it look like he is sitting on the edge of the frame!

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