Anna color 5-13.jpg

Anna color 5-13.jpg

Credits list
AASPN ArtPlay Palette Savor three papers
ArtPlay Palette Special one Paper
ThinStrip Mask 3
Stained glows 1.5 $ 1.8
Splatters 9
ArtsyEdge Overlays 9
Urban threads 1
Oscraps LoveLife Collab Paper Anna Aspenes Artsy
Dandelion Days Collab.
Rosy Bulfinch image from Graphics Fairy.
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. Oscraps Collaborations
Beautiful! Love the stripes, they add so much interest, like looking through blinds on a window.
Wonderful work, Liz. Love how the strips give the feel of looking out through blinds.
This beautiful design in the inspiration piece of the AnnaLift Challenge!

In Peeking through the Blinds, lizr creates a scene through the blinds of her window. The curious Rosy Bulfinch peers through the blinds. The image of the bird retains the light and dark of the blinds. A clean type gently records the impressions of the moment. Multimedia flowers decorate the view and add a contrasting dimension. Lizr has created a gorgeous image to inspire our artistry.

Thank you, lizr, for sharing your expressive and inspirational artistry.
Love your graphic and whimsical style. Inspiring for sure. I want to take another shot at it when I get sorted out from our trip in a few days. ;)
This is such a great layout...I love the creativity of the striped and the bold colors of the blends.

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