More sunsets and beach stories :) Featuring the On Sale Classic ArtPlay Hearth Collection, including the wonderful ArtStroke Frames used to surround my photos and add lots of motion.

First I clipped the sunset photos to Paper FotoBlendz, then added the ArtStroke Frames, adjusting pieces as necessary (eg turning a white stroke into smoke out of the house chimney).
Love the quote from Avonlea, a favorite story!
I turned ArtPlay Hearth Artsy Paper 1 on its side, then added some color with a blended photo.
A couple more blended photos make up the bottom right, including some cloned and stamped sand.
Photo of Oz busy at the beach clipped to Hearth frame.
I added the rainbow element at a color buddy to the array of colorful plastic toys. In case you can't read the journaling, this is a small selection of the toys I have found picking up trash at the beach. I like to use them to entertain Oz with colors, shapes and counting, as well as to playin the sand.
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Love the sunsets (miss my beach time) and the movement of the Artstroke Frames. Cute photo of Oz.
Love the sunsets! I have sunset photos also. Oh I may have to scrap-lift what you did here with those artstroke frames.
Those artstrokes are delightful--reminds me of clouds. It's so wonderful that every day is a beach day.
It really is - still a little hard to believe. It's not sunny every day, we get this May gray marine effect, but there is still the beach, the ocean, the marina life!
another great beach page. almost enough to make you jealous. i like the embroidered house with the handwritten note.
Another great sunset, your page give me a beach feeling and smell, the photo and frame are so beautiful, the stitched house is so cute, I love this gorgeous page!!

I´m positively jealous of where you live!! :beatingheart:
Seems like this is where you are really at home.
Love the placement of the date in the stitched house.

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