Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Daffodil-Spring-Joan.jpg

Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Daffodil-Spring-Joan.jpg

Inspiration – My inspiration today was the fact I have company coming and I don’t have a lot of time to play – so keeping it simple.
Start- File>New 12x12 300.
Paper - Placed Solid Paper 2 above the background layer.
Frame – Placed Urban threadz framed 2.5 in the lower left-hand corner.
Photos – Attached the photo by Taisiia Shestopa from Unsplash to the mask of the frame using Layer>Create clipping mask. Then enlarged a copy and placed it over the paper with an opacity of 26%. Added a black to white gradient map over the photo with opacity of 57%.
Elements -I put the trowel on the photo in the frame.
Title – I used the Acrylic Spring for the title. A Solid color adjustment layer was placed above and attached using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. A Linear Burn blending mode was set on the layer.
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ArtPlay Palette Daffodil on Sale this week
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  1. Anna Aspnes

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Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Daffodil-Spring-Joan.jpg
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