Inspiration – I looked at the colors and went searching in my Lightroom Catalog for a picture that would work and found this one off the Wells Harbor. Then how to scrap. I started with the slide and let my imagination lose.
Start – File>New 12X12 300.
Frame – I clicked on the keyword Frame in my Lightroom Supplies Catalog and found the slide from Whizzo. I was thinking how small my picture would be and what to do and I got the idea to copy the slide 4 time and place the side by side but offset a little, so it created a diagonal.
Photo – I attached the photo to all 5 masks using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I tried to position the photo as though I were shotting a pano of the scene.
ArtsyKardz – I started looking through the Palettes for one that worked and landed on 6X6 Artsy Kardz 2 which I placed behind the slides and duplicated so that it was behind all the frames. I changed the blend mode to Darken and added a mask to both and used black to remove the hard straight lines.
Paper – I added Solid Paper 5 from Wildflower above the background layer.
Elements – I liked that the star paper clip in Magic Sprinklez 1.3 matched one of the 4 colors, so I placed it above the slides on the right.
Title – Used Wordart “Beautifully Simple” from Axiom Wordart MixI hope that described my page.
Even though my goal this year is to learn to make pages with more art I will still fall back on my favorite style “KISS” most of the time. You are who you are.
Love the creative way you’ve found to scrap this picture. The repetition of the frame and the positioning is beautiful.
So creative, and the design has such a nice leading line. Always love the Wildflower collection colors. Beautiful!!
Wow! How creative! I love how you repeated the photo but moved it within the frame. Beautiful colors beneath the photos...love the choice of the diagonal. And the title is stunning!
How interesting, to keep your landscape photos so small! It really helps focus on the colors. The movement from left to right is really nice too. Congrats on your Standing O!

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