anna-aspnes-digital-art-artsy-transfers-Frondescence-ksacry Leaves

anna-aspnes-digital-art-artsy-transfers-Frondescence-ksacry Leaves

Construction: I started with my blurred leaf photo that I placed on the entire 12 x 12 canvas as the background. I used a black layer above the photo at 30% fill to darken the photo layer.
I added ArtsyTransfers Frondescence #2 & #4, blending and turning off some layers.
I created the large leaf using the custom shape tool and the tutorial Digital Scrapper Shape-Up Templates Mini Class #2: Shattered Shapes by Jennifer Juris.
I clipped ArtPlay Palette Rudeneja papers to the leaf shattered shapes along with 2 of my blurred leaf photos.
For the cluster, I placed MultiMedia Branches No 9 #4 with MultiMedia MagicSprinklez No 3 #4.
I used Autumn WordART Mix No 2 #4 for the title.
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The Artsy Transfers Frondescence is On Sale Now.
ArtsyTransfers Frondescence

aA Classic ArtPlay Rudeneja Collection is On Sale until November 9th at 9am EST
AnnaRelease 3 November 2017

ArtPlay Palette Rudeneja
MultiMedia Branches No. 9
MultiMedia MagicSprinklez No 3
Autumn WordART Mix No 2
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Reactions: cyanne22 and lacy
I think you filled up the leaf shape very nicely with the transfers, also how you made the background is very interesting ! what a eyecatching design!
Yes, very eye-catching. I had to study long and hard to figure out what you had going on. I love the blurred leaves in the background. The bottom portion looks like water reflections.
The mosaic of stitched leaves looks great against the blurred leaf background. Also like the contrast between the soft background and the lines of the leaves.
Creative! Love the stitching and how you clipped the images to different parts of the leaf.

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