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anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Frolic collection-Joan Robillard-Winter.jpg

Inspiration – I saw a picture recently of a white horse and a boy in re walking along side it. I thought that would work great for a page made with APP Frolic. So I sifted through my photo.; I had several white horse pictures but no appropriate child in red pictures. But you work with what you have.
Start – File>New 12x12 300
Paper – Placed Solid Paper1 above the background layer
Photo – I selected the horse and used some blending techniques on it. I placed on the page
Transfers – Watching the deconstructs on the aA Connect sessions I notice that often they are put together with lots of stacked elements or transfers or the use transfers to contain the photo and also to create a design direction. So I used several transfers from APP Frolic- Edge Overlay 1, Splatter 1, Transfer 3, Transfer 4, Transfer7 and Overlay 1.
Elements – I used holly berries from some of the Multimedia items.
Title Cluster – I used the idea that Anna had in her premade word cluster with Frolic but made up my own. I used a word transfer from one of the clusters, the word winter which I added a stroke too, the wood word Year, type “comes every” and added the ribbon on top and some holly berries on the bottom
Brush – Placed brush 1 at the end of the title cluster.
I did a little finishing up by adding drop shadows where appropriate, changing the red stars to gold, and erasing a straight edge on one of the transfers. I also tried to clone out some wire fencing in my picture.
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Beautiful design. The berries lead to the horse, the horse to the transfer, and the transfer to the word art, then end with more berries! Love the addition of the bow over the word art.

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anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Frolic collection-Joan Robillard-Winter.jpg
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