anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-Gentle Morning.jpg

anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-Gentle Morning.jpg

Inspiration – I wanted to do something with one of the 12x12 masks. I Tried using it as a mask but that didn’t work for me. I left the idea alone for a little bit and watched a couple of videos on You Tube. When I came back, I had an idea to try. Not what I had been watching on You Tube but like the creativeness I watched spurred mine.
Start – File>New 12X12 300.
Mask- I used the mask but not as a mask is usually used. I placed it over the new file and once lined up and resized to look as I wanted, I merged the two layers and converted the colors with Ctrl>I. I then created another new file File>New 12x12 300 and moved the mask layer over it.
Paper – Placed Solid Paper 1 over the background layer.
Photo – Placed the photo so it covered the whole page.
Blend modes – Mask – Soft Light and the Photo – Linear Burn so that a frame was created around the horses and riders.
Elements – Placed Mutlimedia Birds 1.2 in the upper right corner putting in a group and then erasing some of the black birds. The leaf I tucked in between title and journaling when I had them added to the page.
Transfers – Artstroke two I put in the lower right corner and overlay 2 on the left edge at water’s edge.
Brush – Brush 9 was added just to the left of the title mimicking the rocks in the sand.
Title – Used Gentle Morning for the title.
Journaling -described when I imagined the sounds would have been-
Gentle is the morning that is shrouded in mist.
The ocean sounds are muffled,
The horses hoof sound covered in cotton.
The riders’ voices like small buzzing critters
The birds’ wings humming,
Credits list
ArtPlay Palette Gentle Morning On sale starting 02/15
12 X 12 Page FotoBlendz No 9 On sale starting 02/15
MultiMedia Birds No 1 On sale starting 02/15
Rise WordART Mix No 1 On sale starting 02/15
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Thank you for including the process. Terrific result! Love to learn new creative ways to use masks. Lovely poem to go with your image.

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