anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-ksacry Sissy

anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-ksacry Sissy

Our cat, Sissy, had a personality in overdrive. She didn’t like boxes being moved, no, not one bit. When we would get out the Christmas ornaments, she would make herself scarce. When we were done decorating, she had no problem making it known that she was not happy, but then she would start sleeping under the Christmas tree all the time. I can imagine she would say, “How dare you change my world around! I will spread my fur all over your presents. Fa La la la Ha Ha”

Construction: I started with the Project Template Album No 8 #25. I clipped my main photo to the fotoblendz, modifying with brushes. I placed the ArtPlay MiniPalette Lagom ArtsyTransfer oval frame over the top of the main photo.
I placed the 4 frames from the Project Template Album No 8 Back Cover and clipped my one photo to all 4 frames.
I formed the background using ArtPlay Palette Frolic Solid Paper #4 (revised color), Artsy Transfer Frolic #1 (right side), 6x6 ArtsyKardz Frolic MultiPack #1 (left side) and various overlays and transfers from the ArtPlay Palette Frolic.
For the cluster, I placed Holiday WordART Clusters No 1 #6 “Fa La La La” from the Frolic Collection BONUS. I laid the ArtPlay MiniPalette Lagom Red & White String over the frames. Then I placed MultiMedia Holiday No 7 #5 from the Frolic Collection BONUS over the top.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Very festive! Your cat has quite the piercing eyes. You've captured her magnificently!! Great storytelling too!!
Wow those green eyes pop! Love the way you combined the four-square photos to the template.
Great, cats are just like that ... you, human, live in their house, LoL cats house. I absolutely love your layout!!

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