Ambages Collection Self-Portraits

Ambages Collection Self-Portraits

Continuing to play with "blocked design" featuring Ambages Artsy Kardz and a few self-portraits.
Credits list
ArtsyKardz Ambages Multi-Pack
Artsy Transfers Ambages
Artplay Ambages Collection
Word Art created from ArtPlay Riant Collection Photo Word Art
To start a blocked design I place the photos I want to use, then place a few ArtsyKardz in the open spaces.
Each photo got a different treatment:
- upper left is a reflection photo in a poetry pole (hard to see me) in Color Burn mode
- lower left is two photos superimposed (my hand playing with the tree branches against another poetry pole frame) with a custom drop shadow
- photo of Ozzy and my feet while napping is desaturated with a Hue/Sat Adjustment layer, then a simple stroke and Drop Shadow, on an Artsy Kard with a Custom Drop Shadow
- on the right the photo of my coming across a mirror sitting out in the neighborhood is blended using Ambages FotoBlendz, stains recolored
Filled the open spaces with MultiMedia Documents 8 from Ambages Collection (an Artsy Kard is clipped to the Tag to soften the colors)
Embellishments and Custom Title added. The big dahlia is an extraction from a photo.
The vine is from ArtPlay Palette Vie.
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Love your self portraits and block design! Beautiful page and documentation!
So pretty. Love the dreamy blending and the vine bridging the pages.
I really like the layers on these pages and the blending over the paper pieces. Excellent.

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