A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

This layout was inspired by the famous streetcar of New Orleans and not the Tennessee Williams play. I love the New Orleans influence of this beautiful Palette. Thank you Anna! Its a city I hope to visit someday.

ArtPlay Palette PortiereArtPlayPalettePortiere
ArchiTextures No. 5ArchiTexturesNo.5
FotoGlow Mix No. 2FotoGlowMixNo.2
Fabulous WordART Mix No. 1FabulousWordARTMixNo.1
Font: AuraBlue Bold Regular
Photos: Mine, Dover Publications and Louisiana Public Library Archives

Process Notes: Using Artsy Paper 1 as the base, I placed my brick wall photo over the transfer area of the paper with a reverse mask, brushing in the photo. I duplicated the photo and put it on Darken blend mode.

Over the cinder block doorway of the photo, I placed the woman with a reverse mask and brushed her into the cinder blocks and put her on Color Burn blend mode. To the upper right corner of the photos I placed a transfer from the Palette and left it on Normal blend mode.

Underneath the brick wall and woman photos, I placed the matching transfer from the Palette and put it on Color Burn mode which brought out more of the textures. I added a tape brush that comes with the Palette at the bottom edge of the transfer to give more depth.

On either side of the on the brick wall I stamped the wrought iron from the ArchiTexture brush set and gave them a tiny bevel and emboss, turning down the opacity of the left side. I added a mask and brushed out the portions that covered the woman. At the top of the archway in the photo I placed the gold cornice and added a drop shadow. At the bottom, I stamped the border from ArchiTextures and put it on Multiply blend mode.

Adding the archived photo of the Desire streetcar,brushing out parts of the photo I didnt want and putting it on Color Burn blend mode. I left parts of the tree in the photo to cover the womans breasts. I didnt know how much I could expose posting in the gallery. Thought I would play it safe.

I used three different FototGlows. One at the left edge of the page over the streetcar, and a couple over the woman, blending each of them into the page.

I also used a couple of the texture brushes from the Palette into the background below the photos, added the WordART and title over it. I was so tickled that my brick wall photo matched the brick in the background paper. Its like they are both in the same place instead of being across the country from each other.
So so artsy and beautiful... love the colors and the blending and all of it!!
beautiful blending of the streetcar with the bricks! it is a fun city and you should visit! gorgeous!
Wonderful blending and color ... so much to study! Fabulous artwork!

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