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A Beach Kind of Day.jpg

Construction: I started with the Plage Artsy Layered Template, deleting the text and the frames. I moved the layers to the right. I used ArtPlay Palette Plage Solid Paper #5 for the background, overlaid with Solid Paper #1 at Soft Light blend mode to lighten.
The template made it supper easy to place my FotoBlendz Overlays 19 #2. I used the image by Daniela Dimitrova from Pixabay_girl-2501087_1920, clipped to various fotoblendz layers. The was a girl in red so I modifed the photo to a pink color to better match the Plage collection.
I scattered SeaSprinklez No. 3 #1 following the line of the “sand” layer in the template.
I created a cluster off of the girl’s right hand, using the ArtPlay Palette Plage Oval Tag yellow string extracted from the tag. Under that I placed the ArtPlay Palette Plage Paper Heart, revising the magenta color slightly.
On the left side of the template stains, I placed the ArtPlay Palette Plage Yellow and Pink Buttons and the Shell. I added ArtPlay Palette Brumal Blue Button.
I added ArtPlay Palette Plage paper strip “A Beach Kind of Day”.
Lastly, I placed the Beach WordART Mix No. 4 WS Sandy Toes, changing the color to white and blending with Overlay mode at 84% opacity.
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