3 Puppies

3 Puppies

It has been a year since we lost our little Cricket to cancer. I dont know that scrap therapy helps me through this day, but I felt compelled to acknowledge her life.

Journaling reads: In November of 2005, while back east, visiting my parent, 3 puppies came bounding into our lives, and changed them forever, for the better. We had not planned on getting a dog, but it happened anyway. Despite Berts objections, Rachel ran out to play with these 3 playful pups, so happy for the attention. Before I knew it, Ron was quietly sitting with one of them on his lap, and hours later he pulled me aside and asked if I would mind if we flew one back home with us. I couldnt believe he was ready to take that step, but I was so pleased with the thought of again owning a dog. We spent the next few days taking long walks with these puppies, and decided the little fluffy one was in need of someone to care for her as she was the BETA puppy, always being picked on. Rachel had the honor of picking a name, and chose Cricket. We were dog owners. Although I can only hope the other two dogs had wonderful lives, I know that our little Cricket gave us so much during her time with us, and we are better for it.

Everything by Anna Aspnes:
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ArtPlay Palette Behold http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=10012577
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Holiday Template Album No. 4A (Wooden 3) http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=10011136&page=1

The process: I began with a solid cardstock, and increased the texture using levels. I then blended the photos unto the paper. I duplicated each photo, and placed the lower layer on blend mode color burn, and the upper photo on linear burn. I added the ArtsyTransfer from ATBehold, and moved a few of the layers around to best work with the photo. I also modified a few of the layer colors. I then opened a number of the other Artsy Transfers, and used just specific layers, placing them throughout the layout. I added the lined brushwork and overlay from AP Chatter, modifying their colors depending on which portion of the layout they were on. I added the 3 from the Holiday Template 4A, and then added the title, adding a stroke and a custom shadow, modifying it at the stapled points. Below the title, I added the journaling. Along the lower left of the journaling I added the wordstrip and the button, and then placed the two UrbanHearts. I finished up by adding two ScriptTease elements, changing their color.

Font: Cereal, Eras medium ITC
Oh Joanie, what a wonderful story. Love to read how you got to know Cricket. I am so glad she gave you all so much joy. Beautiful page!!
Beautiful design, and a beautiful page and tribute to Cricket! Love the title and thread and of course your wonderful journaling!
love the photo and the blending! how sweet that your daughter give her that really cute name! love the page!
So sweet. When you look back you'll see this scrap therapy lifted you up and moved you along at least some. It just does.
Sorry for your loss...Their memories do stay with us, and you have made a beautiful page to honor her... I don't always stop to read the how to's but sure appreciate them... picked up a couple of hints from this one, that I will be anxious to try...
I always love your stories. I think scrap therapy is wonderful. Glad you created this sweet tribute for Cricket.

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