20 years
Created for the June Heritage Challenge.
Credits list
Credits: Heart to Heart Kit from Karen Schulz
Adriana indigo Kit from Microferk Designs
Flea Market Finds Antique Ledger Overlays from Crrafty Button Designs.
Font is Brush Script MT.

The background consists of four layers. The bottom layer is a dark pink paper from Karen Schulz. The next layer up is an overlays from Crafty Button Designs. Above that is a blue paper with very dark edges that is almost white at the center from Microferk Designs. The blend mode for that layer is set to overlay. The top layer is a light blue paper also from Microferk with the blend mode set to Darker Color.

Initially, I had the Anique Ledger Overlay as the top layers of the four. I liked that. Then I decided to see what it would look like if I moved it to above the pink paper. That is when I feel in love. The changes in how the blend modes worked when the antique ledger overlay was below the blue papers created a background that I fell in love with. To be honest, I was so in love, I had a hard time adding anything else to the page. lol
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Crafty Button Designs
  2. Karen Schulz Designs
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Reactions: vickyday
Congratulations on your 20 years! And I heartily agree with your sentiments. You made a beautiful page for that lovely photo. I especially like the heart and the love birds. :)

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