I was in A Mess Of Blues

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Halllooooo you all, Jopke here! Today I’d like to tell you a bit about my new collection called A Mess Of Blues.

You might think, because of the themes of my collections lately, that I’m very depressed, down and dejected. And you know… I was for a little while. I really was and that’s the honest truth. It was/is hard to start all over again on your own. For sure after 20 years living another life and at my age! Good gosh, yes that is really really very hard! But you know what… I think I’m getting there! Wowhoooo! I really think I’m going to be OK! And that is what inspired me to create this collection. It’s about feeling down and blue but there is always hope and you will do your best every day and try to choose happiness! With the help of friends and family I tried to choose happiness and doing my best every day and I always knew that one day things would be better.

This collection contains 9!!! packs of digital scrapbook goodies with very advantageous pricing. And should you decide to go for the complete collection there is a BONUS pack as well. Go take a look and get inspired by the amazing stunning pages by my team. The one you see here is created by Charlotte a.k.a. Lotje66xx.

Have a great weekend everyone. And if you’re feeling blue… choose happiness!
Jopke XO

1 comment

  • well done there is always a rainbow round the corner but sometimes walking through the storm
    is tough. hang in there and you will find yours

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