O My Stars – Being Thankful!

SaraO My Stars


I don’t know if you’ve noticed all the people doing their daily gratitudes for November, but I haven’t really kept up on mine.  So, I thought I would take this edition of O My Stars to catch up.

I am thankful for this Earth – the fields that I drive past everyday and the food that they provide for the upcoming feast and harvest.



I am thankful for the love of family and friends around me…especially the unwavering love of my child.



I am thankful for laughter that can carry me away from my minor troubles.



I am thankful for the snuggles and hugs that I get from my son and even my friends.



I am thankful for all the memories I hold dear…the lovely ones and the painful ones.



I am thankful for the little ones all around me who are full of fun and possibility.



I’m thankful for the upcoming Christmas season where we celebrate all the year has brought up and all that will come.



And how could I, the librarian, go without being thankful for the gift of reading, that carries me to far away places and lets me live a thousand lives.



Thank you my friends for reminding about all the blessings around me and everything I have to be thankful for!


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