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Sometimes you don’t have to have a theme.  Sometimes, you just go where the art takes you.  I have been too busy lately and haven’t had gallery perusing time.  So for this edition of O My Stars, I just enjoyed going through the gallery and looking at the gorgeousness that exists in it.  Here are a couple of gems that I found!

This bright fun layout really caught my eye.  I refuse to acknowledge the snow that is in the forecast for later this week.  Right now….I’m focusing on the bright, fun, vibrant colors of Andrea’s layout!!  What a standout!


And maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about trying yoga out that this next one caught my eye.

I love the simplicity of this layout and the imagery of the words with the glow.  It’s just beautiful!


I also love teal and swirlies.  So the page Portraits by frutselke is right up my alley.

The detail with the teal framing the “cut out” is just the perfect touch!!


And how could I not include Library by Ann06?!  (For those of you who don’t know…I’m a school librarian too!)  The watercolor and textures of the papers just draw you in…just like a fantastic book does!  Into my favorites it goes!


All these images are linked, so please make sure to leave these ladies some love!  And if you’d like, tell us what YOUR favorite was in the comments!


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