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It’s April!

Time for a new set of challenges, Easter celebrations, spring flowers, and new life abounding!

It seems today’s STARS are dominated by critters!

This first STAR layout by faby33 is that age-old story of a boy and his dog.  Note the wonderful texture of the photo treatment and the effective repetition of the photo, with a surprise in the last one, another doggie!  Such an adorable page and a real gallery STAR !

Friends by faby 33

This next STAR shows a lovely Easter celebration in progress, complete with chicks decorating the page in a wonderfully balanced way (note the visual triangle).  I always enjoy how myla uses so much wonderful color and action on her pages, they tell wonderful stories with hardly any words necessary.

Egg Hunting by myla

Now, who could resist this beautiful creature, looking so lovingly at the photographer.  This gallery STAR is a simple but wonderfully presented and blended page by Maggie Mae.

Joni by MaggieMae

O My STARS, how bright and beautiful is this page by Vivre? Welcome back Vivre, we missed your wonderful artistry!  A perfect spring chicken, gloriously surrounded by texture and color!

easter-egg by Vivre

The critters in this Project Life page by Heather are of the human kind, even if they are sporting bunny ears, and I just love all the glimpses into a happy Easter celebration, including a very happy mom enjoying some beautiful spring flowers!

Week 13 by Heather

How springlike and adorable is this STAR by chalkhillblue.  I love the blending of the photos on a textured spring-green background, the intriguing use of the transparent alpha, the effective keyline border.  A real gallery STAR!

Picking Daisies by chalkhillblue

One last STAR…we can’t talk about spring without crocuses, that floral harbinger that pushes up through the snow and the thawing ground to signal more of what’s to come. I love this beautiful picture by scrap-genie not only for its technical beauty but because I know how much it means to her.

Flower by scrap-genie

Happy Easter, April and Spring everyone, we’ll see you next week for another edition of…O My STARS!


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